Our Products

We have a variety of raw milk products: cow milk, A2/A2 goshala cow, goat & sheep.

Desi Milk – Farm Fresh Raw Diary

Our Story

DesiMilk is the story of a Farmer and a passionate Real Food Activist that teamed up to create the first affordable raw milk brand available in California stores. Our Founder, Desiree, has been working for over 15 years in the Ancestral Health movement educating about real food and ancestral diets. In fact, raw milk is what started her on this journey.


Our Farm

Sitting on 140 acres outside Modesto, CA we have around 200 cows, 50 goats & 50 sheep. We feed a diet of 95% all non-GMO and organic (not certified) alfalfa with a 5% added forage grain mix. We never feed corn or soy. All animals get regular access to pasture, depending upon the time of year. We practice natural breeding for all of our animals.


Our Process

We bottle our milk fresh & raw, no pasteurization or homogenization. There is nothing added or taken away. This product is alive with enzymes and co-factors. We follow strict sanitary guidelines to ensure safety and freshness.


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Please take a look at our gallery to get an idea of our farm, our products, and other related pics.

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