Jan 10, 2022

Do you do farm tours?

We have an open-door policy, however dropping in unannounced may mean no one is there to greet you and your family will not get a proper tour and/or an opportunity to milk the cows with your children.  We urge you to please schedule a farm tour by calling us or waiting until we have one of our farm tours events which we host every couple of months.  At these events we usually serve food, tour the entire dairy including milking parlor & bottling plant, arrange to have a fenced off petting zoo, & anyone who wants to milk a cow by hand will be get a chance to do so.  It is a memorable experience for the whole family.  When new dates are announced we will post the event on social media as well as update on our Farm Tours page:  www.desireel.sg-host.com/farm-tours/