Aug 16, 2023

How long will my raw milk last?

It is all about TEMPERATURE. When we bottle, the milk has two weeks of shelf life assuming that it is always kept cold at 36°F. It will sometimes last a little longer before starting to sour. We highly recommend bringing a cold bag or cooler with you to transport raw dairy and to make sure to take it straight home to your refrigerator, avoiding other stops on the way home. Every second counts. Remember, this product is ALIVE. If you have a longer drive home then make sure to bring a cooler with cold packs or ice. Store in your refrigerator in the back on the bottom shelf, which is usually the coldest spot. If that is inconvenient, then make sure NOT to put it in the door. 41°F is not cold enough for raw milk to last two weeks. It needs to be 36°F.