DesiMilk is the store brand for a small, 3rd generation Portuguese dairy farm outside of Modesto, CA on 140 acres.  Our herd sizes vary but we have about 150 cows, 40 goats, & 50 sheep.

Our feed is all non-GMO and is 95% organic (not certified)

Our livestock are never fed corn or soy

We do not vaccinate any of our animals

We never use antibiotics but will use homeopathic/herbal remedies if needed

We do not pasteurize (cook) or homogenize (crush)

We do not skim cream.  All products are in their whole full fat natural form

Safety is our #1 priority.  All products are tested for pathogens & coliform counts every month by the CDFA.  We also do regular pathogen and coliform testing through a private lab

We never dilute or add water to any of our products (this is a concern in the Desi community as apparently this is a fairly common practice among dairies in India)