We’ve been told we have the best tasting raw goat milk anywhere in the State of California!  We couldn’t agree more.  Upon the first sip you can barely tell it is goat milk.  Most brands have a distinct “gamey” goat flavor that to many is off putting.  We are famous for our delicate and deliciously creamy goat milk.  One of our customers is very sensitive to glyphosate residue and has said DesiMilk is the ONLY brand of raw goat milk that he can drink without having a reaction!  Our goats are fed non-GMO and organic (not certified) alfalfa (high protein lentil grass) with some oats/barley grain mix along with almond hulls.  As a treat during milking they get barley with molasses.  Goat milk is naturally homogenated due to its smaller fat molecules and its protein content is naturally all A2/A2, both of which make it very easy to digest.

Available in Half Gallon 64oz.  Look for the GREEN CAP