Our best-selling product is our standard full fat raw cow milk.  One of our missions was to make raw milk more affordable to families here in the State of California.  Our founder knew first-hand how much of a financial burden it was to feed a family who drinks 5+ gallons per week with quality raw milk here in CA.  $16-$20/gallon is the standard cost and at those prices many many families will go without this life-giving nutrient dense “liquid gold”.  We have purposely kept our margins incredibly low in order to make sure the price of our milk is affordable.  Unlike other brands, we do not skim any cream, so you get the milk in its whole, natural form.  Our 3″ cream line is legendary.

This herd is about 80% Jersey with a mix of other breeds such as Holstein, Brown Swiss & Guernsey.  Its protein is a mix of A1 & A2.

Their diet is almost all (95%) non-GMO and organic (not certified) ALFALFA (high protein lentil grass) with an added 5% of a forge grain mix of non-GMO OATS (40%), BARLEY (40%), cottonseed (10%), & canola pellet (10%).  Canola pellet is made from canola seed casings pressed into a pellet.  To clarify, it is NOT toxic RBD (refined, bleached, deodorized) canola oil which is sold in stores for cooking.


DesiMilk raw cow milk comes in both Gallon and Half-Gallon sizes.  Look for the ORANGE cap!

*Remember to SHAKE before serving