The fan favorite!  Once you try it you will be hooked!  Most folks are nervous at first to try sheep milk for fear of a gamey flavor but they quickly realize it is the exact opposite.  It tastes more like creamy half & half.  It is hands down the favorite.  As it stands now, we are the ONLY raw sheep dairy in the State of CA.  This product is not always available due to breeding schedule, but we try to breed twice a year to keep a continuous supply.  Our sheep are fed non-GMO and organic (not certified) alfalfa (high protein lentil grass) with some oats/barley grain mix along with almond hulls.  As a treat during milking they get barley with molasses.  Sheep milk is naturally homogenized since it has very small fat molecules.  If it sits untouched for two weeks in your fridge then eventually some cream will slowly rise to the top.  Its small fat molecules along with its A2/A2 protein content makes it very easy to digest.  It is the perfect milk for bodybuilders with its high protein content compared to cow or goat milk.

DESIMILK Raw Sheep Milk is available in 64oz Half Gallons.  Look for the WHITE cap!